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Domoooo! Attack Energy Drink – Review

Domoooo! Attack Energy Drink

So for being in Baltimore on the occasion of the Poe Bicentennial, my first thought was to find a 7-Eleven, as we don’t have them in Atlanta. There have been reports before of drinks one can only find there. The Simpsons tie-in event was there, for example. But all I was able to lay hands upon at first was this: an energy drink based around the Domo character. This is the great mystery, as no one I was able to talk to while I was here understood why this character was popular enough to be plastered about the store in this promotional manner. Indeed, most Americans probably don’t know what the character’s name is, only that “it’s that thing chasing that kitten in that joke picture about masturbation.”

As for what this drink has going for it, it’s got 50% of your RDA for Vitamins B6 and B12, plus Guarana. Caffeine content? Unknown…although I’m thinking it’s in the Red Bull 80mg arena. And speaking of that Simpsons tie-in, this drink is from Boston America, who brought you that Duff Energy Drink as well as another novelty drink, Tropic Thunder‘s Booty Sweat.

[ad#longpost]What else you’ve got with this drink, however, is a bit of an attack–but it’s on your mouth. It’s basically just a Red Bull clone but along with the usual high fructose corn syrup, it also sports inositol. And while inositol has been inoffensive before, there’s something about its inclusion here that makes this taste like a horrible mistake. Perhaps it’s the fact that this is so very definitely trying to be a Red Bull clone that the swerve when it comes to the sweetener is even more pronounced due to my own expectations.

Regardless, I couldn’t finish it. It ranks up there with the general novelty item drink, i.e. if you’re into it, buy a can and never open it. Just display it on your shelf. You’ll be safer that way.

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