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Liquid Lightning Energy Drink – Review

Liquid Lightning Energy Drink

The most striking thing about Liquid Lightning is how very light tasting it is…I’m assuming this is due to the combination of inositol and “corn sweeteners” instead of regular sugar or even high fructose corn syrup. I’m also making the assumption that HFCS and corn sweeteners, even though technically they sound like one in the same, are different–since otherwise you’d just say HFCS. Not that I could tell you offhand what the difference actually is. It’s got a slight berry taste and some aftertaste–probably due to the inositol–but it’s not enough to turn me off completely. Indeed, I think the drink is fairly effective for what we want it for: namely, getting buzzed.

It is a bit confusing since normally nutrition facts tells you the amount per serving, but this appears to tell you the amount per the container, which contains two servings. That would explain the 200% of your RDA of Vitamin C that’s listed at the top of the can and also in the nutrition facts. This, however, means that it only has 100mg of caffeine–which is a small amount for a 16oz. can. Therefore, I can only assume the buzz I’m getting is off the metric fuckton of B vitamins. And by that I’m talking 140% of your B3 requirements, plus 500% of B6, 130% of B5 and 1290% of B12. That or whatever “FRB: First Real Beverage” means. Without context, it’s a pretty useless addition to the front of the can. I mean, after all, isn’t the first real beverage technically…water?

Like I said, the taste is not the best I’ve ever had–and the aftertaste is a little distracting–but it does appear to be an effective drink, and I wouldn’t turn down another can of it.

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  • It seems the FRB has been co-opted on the street to mean ‘F_ck Red Bull..!’ Not sure if that’s what the company meant but on the street, that’s what folks are saying! Pretty cool double entendre use of the ‘First Real Beverage’ tactic..!