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Spike Hardcore Energy Drink – Review

Spike Hardcore Energy Drink

Spike Hardcore Energy Drink, in the “Orange Cold” variety, is quite possibly one of the most amazing drinks I’ve ever had the opportunity to try. It is probably the most intense orange drink I’ve ever tasted–so let me try to explain to you what this experience is like. Imagine that orange drink they used to have (or maybe they still have it, I have no idea) at McDonald’s. The one you used to have as a kid. The one you thought was awesome because it was like mainlining orange-flavored sugar. Now imagine that all the regular sweetener they used to have is gone and replaced with sucralose. So there’s this intense burst of fake orange flavor that just gets faker and faker as the main taste fades out and the sick sucralose aftertaste is all that’s left. It is taking all of my will power for me to take a sip every couple of sentences to make sure I’ve captured it sufficiently for you.

What’s sad about the drink is that I’m sure if I could get past the horrible taste, it would be amazing. 350mg of caffeine in a 16oz can. An utterly ludicrous 33,333% of your B12 requirements. So I’m very depressed by the taste. And impressed as well, because normally it’s the aftertaste that kills a sucralose drink for me–but here even the initial burst of flavor is bad. I can only assume they’ve upped the sucralose to cover the caffeine taste that comes with having so much in the can. Oh well.


  • McDonalds still sells that drink, it’s “Hi-C Orange” and it still tastes like liquid diabetes.

    Ironically, it’s not that sugary, it’s just the tartness of the Vitamin-C combines with the sugar they do put in it to make it a one-two punch on the tastebuds.

  • Yeah, that sounds completely fucking Wretched. What is it with all the sucralose, these days? Can’t people just use plain Sugar, yet? All the artificial ones taste horrid, no matter how much “Like Sugar,” they’re supposed to taste.

  • It could be the B12 attacking the taste buds. I have liquid vitamin B complex, and it’s god awful. Bought during pregnancy because morning sickness (read: all-day nausea) and tablets didn’t combine. I never actually got around to taking it though. Now I’ve tried it, and I’m convinced that the liquid stuff would have triggered my gag reflex as much as tablets did. Ugh, awful.

  • Epilonious: Yeah…I was drawing upon probably three decades distance between me and that orange drink. Still feels like it’s not far enough.

    Wolven: The bit I don’t understand is, if you’re drinking an energy drink, you’re probably not that concerned about your health anyway, so screw it.

    Blake: I’ll have to see if I can lay hands upon that flavor.

    Annuin: That’s a good point…with that much B12, there’s no telling, since I’ve never encountered that much before. I’m sure it probably didn’t help matters.

    Thanks to everybody for the comments!

  • My friends were Dareing and had 1.5 to 2.5 can of of this stuff one had to go to the hospital because his heart rate was so high these kids were and still are crazy!