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Pleased To Meet You, Marvel–Hope You Guess My Name!

Stephen King's The Stand from Marvel

The first issue of Stephen King‘s The Stand is to hit from Marvel Comics in September. Once you cut through all the backslabbing hoobah in the press release it basically comes out that it’s based on the uncut version (four color pistol sodomy!). Also, Big Love scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will adapt with Captain America artist Mike Perkins doing the art chores.

“There’s nothing more interesting–and more fun–than seeing an old work take on new life in a new medium.” states Stephen King. “I’ve enjoyed working with Marvel on The Gunslinger series, and am excited about this collaboration regarding The Stand, which will bring Stu Redman, Frannie Goldsmith, Lloyd Henreid, and Randall Flagg to a new audience.”

Joe Quesada then gushed about plans to have the first Gunslinger/Wolverine crossover in first quarter 2009.

Actually, though, wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Roland of Gilead crossover into so many comics that he would turn into the Logan or Punisher of our time?

No. No, on second that there’s absolutely nothing funny about that idea. But you know it’s been proposed.

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  • Wolverine could totally beat Roland in a fight, but that’s only because Wolverine beats everything in a fight. Except Chuck Norris. Anyway, Roland seems a fitting character to the Marvel universe, but doesn’t including him also include every Stephen King novel ever? As well as S.K. himself? Oh, wait, what about the Dr. Doom bots from Wolves of the Calla? And the fact that Roland’s life is [REDACTED]? And wh- oh dear I’ve gone cross-eyed.

  • Removed that one little tidbit for those who haven’t had the pleasure yet. Roland would be a fitting character for the MU if he were poorly written perhaps. Yes, it would be a bit meta for him to have a crossover with the MU. Reminds me of the idea I had for an Ulty Spidey/Harry Potter crossover one shot, back when Marvel was trying to get the HP comic rights…

  • Sorry about the spoiler, I wasn’t thinking. Or rather, I was, to the extent that I wasn’t. Wait, Spidey Potter?! I’m not sure if that’s idiocy, brilliance, or both. MY BWAIN!

  • Yeah, I’ll tell you this much…who knew that Ultimate Baron Mordo had gotten kicked out of Hogwarts?