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Wet Mango Exotic Energy Drink – Review

Wet Mango Exotic Energy Drink

So what’s the selling point of the Wet Mango Exotic Energy Drink, apart from the…ahm…rather provocative can art there? Well, the name’s accurate–it’s mango flavored. In fact, that’s what differentiates it from every other energy drink out there…since you can taste a regular energy drink underneath that. The mango taste is nice from the standpoint that it is different from every other energy drink on the market, but only just. Not that I expect any huge breakthroughs in energy drink taste (since taste for most of us is secondary to the oomph provided), mind you.

The one thing I would change would be to have the mango flavor be a real mango flavor. As it stands, the ingredient is listed as “Artificial Flavor ‘Mango’,” with the quotes around “Mango” being a little off-putting. You’d think that would be an enhanced selling point as well: “with all natural mango flavor.” Or something.

Also, oomph provided was no more than I would get from a similarly sized can energy drink. So again, if you just want a slightly different taste, Wet Mango might work for you.