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You Ready For Your Closeup?

Dental Camera

Found this little gem on, The MIHARU Intraoral Camera. Now you can examine your teeth for pesky plague in the comfort of your own home. You can also check out all those hard to see places for a mere $159. I thought I’d share some thoughts.

First: what kind of obsessive compulsive sufferer needs this? Who really needs to see how much tartar buildup they have? If you practise regular brushing and have regular dentist appointments and you still need to spend $159 on this, you might need to see a different kind of doctor.

Second: you have to hook this gadget into your TV. So you can share the interior of your mouth or any other orifice with the whole family. The ad doesn’t say if it’s HD-compliant, but does the average layperson need that much detail?

Third: we’re going to see porn shot from the ‘penis’ point of view any day now. If it’s not out there already.

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