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My First Zombie!

My Pet Zombie

Awesome! Want your own pet zombie without having the pain in the ass process to go through of, you know, conditioning one a la Dr. Logan/Frankenstein? My Pet Zombies is here to help you:

Life-Size semi poseable “My Pet Zombies” with metal armature comes complete with Bust, Hands, Body Form, complete costume including belt, socks and shoes, and stand ready for any graveyard, Living dead scene, or anywhere you see fit to display your Zombie. Beautifully detailed and ready to devour anything in their paths. Each Zombie comes complete with a limited edition “Death (adoption) Certificate”.

Most come in either a “Fresh Meat” or “Spoiled Rotten” finish, depending on how ripe you like your zombie. They are sweet looking, but expensive: wonder if we could get a review sample. Bwha-haha.

Found via Boing Boing.