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I Want Him in the Game Until He Dies Weebling

Tron Weeble!

You’ve got to love it when the power of technology can make a man’s youthful dreams into a reason that normal people fear him and geeks like us admire him as an adult. Case in point: Kirk Demarais. Why? Because he had a dream…about Weebles.

Throughout childhood I dictated a number of letters to Romper Room regarding my thoughts on new and better Weeble products. My mom recorded these ideas and actually mailed them in. My list included: the cast of Peter Pan, Casper, Sesame Street (which were eventually made), Popeye, Mickey Mouse (which were also produced later on) Scooby-Doo, Land of the Lost, Mighty Mouse, Groovie Goolies, and Star Wars.

So using Photoshop, he’s created his own fantasy line of Would-Be Weebles. In addition to Tron (shown here), there’s also The Stretch Monster, Steve Martin and Mazinga.

I’d take a resurgence of Weebles over this plague of satanic Bobbleheads we’re in the middle of any day of the week.