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Yuno Coffee Mug: The First Mug That Needs Anti-Virus

Yuno Coffee Mug by Yanko Design

We’ve got toasters that communicate with the net, coffee makers that can communicate with the net, and now…your travel mug? Well, that’s the concept, anyway, of the Yuno Coffee Mug by Yanko Design. Do we really want a travel mug to be able to betray us when Skynet hits?

Also, if you’re getting traffic alerts on your mug–people can barely work their car stereos, now they’re having to eyeball their travel mug while driving? I dunno, guys. Sounds like mayhem in the making. But still, you can’t fault them for trying. Their hearts are in the right place:

It lets you enjoy the morning the way you deserve to, stress free and highly caffenaited [sic].

Sounds like bliss. Bliss with a horrible fiery automotive death later on, but bliss for the moment. Found via Engadget.