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Odds and Ends for 11-20-2005

A list of kibbles and bits discovered while wading through the Net.

Junk Food Blog: Alcoholic Kit Kats
“Have a break…have a Kit Kat…and let’s get soooo waaasted…”

Junk Food Blog: Torque Premium Malt Beverage
I never have understood this: have some depressant and stimulant in one can and wind up right back where you started. Isn’t everyday like this without popping open a can of something? What’s the point?

Junk Food Blog: Cinnamon Coffee from Target
I knew a guy who would eat instant coffee straight. He was hardcore.

Junk Food Blog: Van Halen BBQ Sauce
This sounds like a great idea on paper, but the problem is the main ingredient keeps disappearing and being replaced, and it’s just never as good as the first time you try it.

Sony Completes First Full-Length Blu-ray Disc – Aviran’s Place
Good Lord, of all the films to kick off your much vaunted HD line of discs…why would you pick that one? Found via Slashdot

Overheard in New York: The Voice of The City – Dude So Just Blew It
Man, I love this site.

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO – The Apple iWipe
Here we see a very important step up in bathroom technology. Or at least a dodge to one side.

Giant hamster combat balls for the water! Now we just need a large cannon to shoot them from! Found via Gizmodo

Tunnel Racer
Freaking evil wicked addictive game…found via Digg.

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