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It Worked! Now If We Can Just Keep It From Exploding!

MIT MIDAS: activate party mode

Two guys at MIT decided to fully automate their dorm room. As in…all of it. The crowning achievement, though, is “Party Mode.”

When the button is hit, all the lights shut off, the blinds close, the displays show: “FEEL THE ENERGY” and a deep voice says this over the speakers with a deep bass beat in the background. Then intense music turns on along with the sound activated strobe light, laser light show, fog machine, black lights, revolving disco light, LCD visualization projector projected onto the blackout-screen, neon colored lights, computer screen Winamp visualization, oscilloscope showing the waveform of the music, and surveillance camera monitors.

Watch the video above to see the startling transformation from ubertechie dorm room to ubertechie dorm room with dance lights.

It’s kind of like a techie version of Demon Seed, isn’t it? Read it all. It’s ridiculous and awesome both. They have more videos on their site.

Direct link for the feedreaders for this video.

Found via MAKE Blog.