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Red Bull: Darwin’s Favorite Energy Drink

Red Bull, the champion
Red Bull, kickin' ass--your ass if you're not careful

A fifteen-year-old kid in the UK drank eight Red Bulls and had to go to hospital. Our friends at Energy Fiend break that down for you:

Eight cans is about 640mg of caffeine – which – to be honest is not a huge amount. Red Bull also contains 1000mg of Taurine, 60mg Glucuronolactone, and 27 grams of sugar per can. So to get things straight – the overdosing teenager consumed 216 grams of sugar (that’s about 54 teaspoons) along with 8 grams of Taurine.

They also go on to point out that it’s funny how every time some stupid-ass kid (like this one) overdoses on energy drinks it makes front page news. But the same kid getting ripped on alcohol, nobody bats an eye. Funny, huh?

Also, as the BBC report states: “Norway, France, Uruguay and Iceland have all banned the energy drink because of concerns over high levels of caffeine.” Sounds familiar. Anyway, when you translate that, it means, “These four countries don’t trust their citizens to know how to handle themselves.” It also can be translated to mean that you can get Red Bull in those countries all day long, it’s just expensive to do so. More effective government intervention!

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