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Booty Sweat – Drink Review

Booty Sweat

So yes, they sent out a promo can of Booty Sweat, Alpa Chino’s energy drink, from Tropic Thunder. After what a ridiculous good time the movie was (and the commentary–it’s genius) I felt confident that I should sample this unfortunately named beverage.

This was created by Boston America (who brought you the Duff energy drink) and so I had high hopes–usually a movie tie-in promo drink is boring and uninteresting, but Duff was rather tasty.

This, though, is less successful. The main taste is cherry-ish, followed by sugary syrupy. Granted, usually when drinking one of these things (energy drinks in general, I mean), you’re prepared for an onslaught of sugar–it’s an energy drink, after all. That would be like ordering a cheeseburger and then bitching about the cheese taste. But even for an energy drink, this is strong. And the cherry taste–well, I’m not a big fan of cherry anyway, but this tastes more artificial than even most artificial cherry flavors. It’s nowhere near the excellent cherry taste execution that we got with Game Fuel Mountain Dew, for example.

[ad#shortpost]That’s not to say it’s terrible–it’s drinkable, but probably not repeat drinkable. And as for the buzz factor, it’s minimal at best.

As a novelty can, it succeeds–especially since the MPAA has a warning on here that tells me the can contains “pervasive language, including sexual references, violent content and drug material.” As a drink, not so much. Stick with the DVD of the movie.

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