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13 Days of Xmas, Day 3: Fun With Cartoons

Pluto Christmas

Since last year we were hanging out with The Grinch, we figured we’d go with a bit of animated fun this time around. First up, a 1936 Max Fleischer cartoon that addresses the question of what happens when you let an old man with Forge-like mutant powers break into an orphanage on Christmas Day.

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And here we have Hanna-Barbera’s 1941 short that stars Tom and Jerry dealing with their own Christmas troubles, and for a moment there it looks like old Jerry is going to go the way of Jack Torrance…

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And last but not least for today, another situation of predators vs. prey bowled over by the power of giving. Or another convenient excuse to keep the tiny little antagonists alive for cartoons later in life. You be the judge. From the 1952, it’s “Pluto’s Christmas Tree.”

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