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700 Bands: 651 – 660

700 Bands

The madness continues. Now that obstacles have been removed, we’re on our way. Going to make 700. For more information, go here.

651. Kodiak Fudd.
I’d really like this to be an all-Looney Tunes bluegrass cover band.

652. Throwing Ophelia Onto the Fridge.
From Tee. Who didn’t explain himself and we honestly feel good that he didn’t.

653. Comrade Stromboli
I know we’re heavy on the cover bands, but it just begs for it: Disney tunes covered like this.

654. Mysterious Junk People.
Provided by Rox of Spazhouse.

655. Dignity and Ham.
Taken from the guiding hand of Bill Corbett.

656. Raising Adam Savage.
It might result in a C&D letter, but it’s worth a shot.

657. Steampunk Menorah.

658. The Einstein-Rosenberg Bridge.
I’d like this to be something like 65daysofstatic mashedup with Mars Volta.

659. These I Wow.
From Leigh. Where else?

660. Death at IKEA.

New band names up for grabs now until we get done. Because it’s time to be done already.

Entries 641 – 650 here.