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Leningrad Cowboys For the Win

Leningrad Cowboys

Here’s an important lesson: you never know what people have or haven’t seen on the Internet Tube-o-rama. I sent around the Ball Buster video and the staff’s brains fell out. And then Ben L. sent me the Leningrad Cowboys–I have somehow missed this phenomenon. Mayhap some of you have as well. They’re a Finnish band that Doc describes as that country’s Spinal Tap.

Of course, Spinal Tap didn’t tour with the Red Army Choir. Yes, that Red Army Choir.

This might be the coolest thing I watch all week. Two videos follow.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

That first video has a warm place in my heart–not because I’m from Alabama, mind you. But back when I was fronting a band we’d get people yelling out “Free Bird.” As every band must contend with. Our answer was to play some Skynyrd, yes–but it was a reggae version of “Sweet Home Alabama” that I reworked the lyrics to and made “Sweet Home Virgin Islands.” At one point, we were playing a gig in Limestone County, Alabama and someone yelled out “Free Bird.” The law of the band was that when “Free Bird” was yelled, the song being played would stop, and “Virgin Islands” would then kick in. I’ll never forget my bass player turning to the rest of us as we were about to launch the reggae “Sweet Home” and saying, “We are all going to die.” Amazingly, the crowd didn’t kill us.

Anyway. Next vid.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via To the Point News thanks to Ben L.

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  • Wow! This is like so April fools. Did he get permission to steal the Johnny Suede hair-do?
    Somewhere…Brad Pitt is smiling.

  • Soubriquet: You most certainly might. Doc and I have been discussing how we need to start investing in some of these DVDs and such. So we shall catch up anon. Thanks.