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Kwik-E-Marts Bring a Bit of Springfield Closer to Your Home

Kwik-E-Mart live and in person

In what’s probably the best promotional bit we’ve seen for a film in some time, certain 7-11 locations have become Kwik-E-Marts. And as you can see in that Flickr set, they sell all manner of Simpsons items: Squishees, Krusty-Os, donuts out the wazoo and more.

If you don’t have one in your neighborhood, don’t worry: I’m sure eBay is going to be flooded with all manner of stuff from this stunt over the next few days. So you’ll be able to shell out exorbitant amounts of coin to get the swag.

All things being equal, though, I’d love to try/review a can of Buzz cola. So somebody hook me up, yes?

Found via Defamer.

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