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Cthulhu: A Chess Set Both Non-Euclidean and Squamous

Cthulhu Chess Set

Oh man, I want one. Ectoplasmosis points us to this Cthulhu-themed chess set by a user over at Wet Canvas named eclectix. Check this out:

  • The kings (Cthulhu) have precious stones for eyes; the white piece has spherical lab-created rubies, the black piece has salt water pearls.
  • The queen is Nyarlathotep (has a single large tentacle for a face).
  • The bishops are Father Dagon/ Mother Hydra (take your pick).
  • The knights are Hounds of Tindalos (the knights move in angles, and in the mythos the hounds are supposed move through angles).
  • The rooks are shoggoths
  • The pawns are Deep Ones.

Positively badass. He says he creates sets on a commission basis for about US$585. Christ, why couldn’t I have picked a better paying job than webmastering? I weep.

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