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Gift Guide ’06: Gaming on the Cheap

Xbox 360

Ah yes, the PS3–it’s probably on a gift list or two. Probably for someone you know.

And while it does come with Blu Ray support–the PS3’s $599 price tag, limited availability, and the slight chance of being shot while trying to purchase one (although you COULD try to snag one by going this way) is enough to make you question any relationship. In the final analyisis, they may not be worth it.

So, I’ve found some gift items to help that “special, but not special enough” gamer in your life this holiday season.

IF they already have an X-Box 360, then the next logical step is the 360’s HD DVD player. For $199, the player adds DVD and HD DVD playback to Microsoft’s gaming machine.

Don’t care about the next DVD Format? Want to play the next Zelda Game?

[ad#longpost]Then it’s time for the Wii. Nintendo’s newest entry in the console wars centers on a motion sensitive control system and WiFi functionality. Although the system only has a paltry 512 MB of on-board flash memory, standard SD cards can be used to beef up the storage. And while the Wii doesn’t (yet, so we’re told) handle DVD playback- it is completely backward compatible with Game Cube titles (and most of that system’s accessories). The Wii comes with one Wii remote, one nunchuck controller, and the Wii Sports game. And for $249, it’s the cheapest next-gen buzz you’re gonna get.

Although, if all you want to do is play Zelda-you can save $100 bucks by procuring a Game Cube and its port of Twilight Princess (minus the the Wii-tastic features, of course).