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700 Bands: 381 – 390

700 Bands

The madness continues. For more information, go here.

381. Against Hooliganism in Literature.
From here.

382. Brand’s Alien Hair.
From this.

383. The Angry Coffee Elementals.

384. Hell Casserole.

385. Raped by Schmaltz.
From the upcoming Nuts on the Road.

386. Dario and the Giallo Outtakes.

387. Elton and the Ninja Tiaras.
Also from an upcoming NOTR.

388. The Metasyntactic Retribution.

389. Stalking on the Highway.

390. Gomorrah Block Party.

New band names up for grabs each Tuesday and Thursday. When we’re not…doing something else. Until we hit 700.