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Aardman Animation Lost to Fire

Wallace and Gromit and Sheep: sad

Wow, could we have some more bad news, please? I’m just itching for some more tragedy in the world, aren’t you? Let’s see, thousands upon thousands dead in Asia, America’s First Amendment getting beaten like a red-headed stepchild, and now in Britain, word that Aardman Animation’s building is gone.

That’s right. Gone. Everything from Creature Comforts, from the first three Wallace and Gromit shorts, Chicken Run all of it. Burned up and gone. And if the one picture I’ve seen from the CNN site is any indicator, it’s a complete wash.

The timing is way too convenient for this: right after opening weekend of their second feature film in the U.S.? Who’s responsible? Joss Whedon? Because Serenity is getting great reviews but outperformed by clay miniatures? I don’t know. I’m way too goddamn depressed now.

Found via Slashdot.

Where to Find Stuff


  • At least it was only stuff getting cleaned up/in storage. The studio with all the most recent stuff is safe, as was stuff that was being exhibited.

    And Park said he remakes the figurines/sets each time anyway, so it doesn’t interfere with his ability to make more.

    It just really really sucks.

  • I don’t think it was Joss. Although I understand why he might be a suspect. I just sincerely doubt it was him. Maybe the guy who directed Waiting…