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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: ADV

Hey look, it’s Tuffley and Kim. And Tuffley looks pretty well broken. What is making him laugh his ass off? Well, if you were at the Film Fest, and you know that it’s Ren Fest Tuffley you’re seeing there…I think the list of suspects is small. Very small.

Anyway, so. ADV. You know them. You love them. Or rather, you better love them. Or Dindrane might have to kick your arse. They gave us a bunch of cool stuff to give away, so here’s some of it:

The sets that ADV has to offer are manifold. Some examples. Our guests here are sporting a copies of Robotech Remastered, which give you enhanced video and 5.1 sound for my favorite anime series.

No, that’s not G-Force. Noooo, not Battle of the Planets either. It’s the original Gatchaman that these folks (including Satan…everybody say “Hi, Satan!”) have won. And why are they so happy? Because there’s no goddamn 7-Zark-7 anywhere to be found, that’s why!

The young lady on the left there is sporting a copy of Andromeda. And there on the right, this guy’s pleased (we think pleased–we assume he’s only grimacing because of the flash) to be holding up one of the many Mutant X sets ADV has to offer.

Sound good? Want to see more? Check out ADV’s website here and spread the love.