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The Friday Timesuck

Christ, another week is ready to be disposed of. In order to work through our depression, we will thus burden you with useless and trivial things that we know you crave in the darkest regions of your heart. Mooha.

Let’s see what we have. Over in the Gabfest, a sci-fi quiz thread has mutated into a rampage by a murderous ferret dressed as a bunny, we found God in a can of coffee, there’s fun with Uncle Bill, Tuffley’s got a Great Debate about Live8, Mr. Fantastic no longer has a fantastic package, Unidentified Madman gets accused of dolphin-napping another Fester’s…well, dolphin (long story), and we bring up the newest extreme sport: yak skiing.

Over on Red Nose, be sure and check out the Girlfriend Fight Simulator, the nerd holocaust, the most patient doberman in the world, The Snake God People, and most importantly, how to negotiate with a deaf hooker.

So that’s it. Enjoy. And bring me some more coffee.