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This Just In: Bigass Boxed Sets From the BBC

All Creatures Great and Small Series 5

Behold, the BBC tries to bury us under discs, with only four boxed sets involved. But this is a hefty lot, so stay with me. You might get lost in here.

First up, the fifth series of All Creatures Great and Small, which has all twelve episodes spread across four discs. More of Peter Davison (perhaps best known over here for being a Doctor) and Robert Hardy (of many roles, including Sir Winston). No features beyond a who’s who.

Next, a series that perhaps the terrorists behind this week’s attacks in London probably haven’t seen. Had they, they probably would have anticipated that London wouldn’t be particularly impressed. Or as Doc overheard one Londoner who was being interviewed: “I’ve been blown up by a better class of bastard than this.” Nice. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. This is the BBC’s History of World War II boxed set, and holy crap, it’s a monster. Twelve discs. Ten programs plus three bonus programs, and God knows how many hours of content that is. There’s also a forty-page booklet along with a slew of interviews, testimonies, featurettes and such.

Third, a show from the UK featuring a town of sixty people who are played by three people. Offhand, my initial response was to think this was Britain’s answer to Greater Tuna. I asked Tobias, who knows more than I about such mayhem, and his response was that this show is what would happen if Stephen King and Ray Bradbury collaborated on a sketch comedy show. I cannot tell you how disturbed I am by that idea. Anyway, this is the entire League of Gentlemen series, all three plus the Christmas special. If that wasn’t enough, then you’ve got audio commentaries, docus, character bios, deleted scenes, interviews, outtakes, and more.

Finally, what could be said to be the most active (at least physically) member of Python: Michael Palin. I mean, if trudging all over the place while making docus like this for the BBC isn’t a winner, then I don’t know what it is. Three discs are what you get here, with content from both before and after Palin’s trip, and two hours of bonus footage. Nice.

Everything streets on 7/19 (here in the States, mind you) except for League, which hit last month.

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