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Ghosts of the Titanic Mutter, “What Did She Say?”

Inflatable Titanic

Fran Capo, the world record holder for being the fastest talking female, traveled down to the the wreck of the Titanic to say a prayer for the dead.

From the press release:

Capo had herself officially ordained for the dive and the US Navy chaplain wrote a special maritime, non-denominational memorial prayer for her to read at the site of the Titanic, something that has never been done.

So, if, as her website says, she can speak ten words a second, she descended 2.5 miles under the ocean…to speed-pray? Don’t you think the dead, assuming they gave a crap after ninety-three years, would appreciate somebody actually taking their time with a prayer? The only one they might ever get at the location?

I’m just sayin…

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  • Wait, wait. She had herself ordained for the dive? I can understand wanting to pray for them. But if you weren’t a priest(ess) before, and you got it done for the sake of one prayer— you pretty much still aren’t clergy.