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This Just In: TV Sets From Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay is making a serious play for your coin with three TV releases: two that are high profile, one series that was before its time and nowadays would be on HBO or something and crushing people under its bootheels at the Emmys.

Let’s talk about that last one first: Profit. I watched the two-hour TV movie/pilot and perhaps the first real episode, but I can tell you that the two-hour opener is worth the price of admission. Adrian Pasdar had his finest hour playing the title character in this. That character happens to be a sociopath who sees a huge corporation as the source of all the ills in his life, and he makes it his life mission to get inside and climb–and anyone who gets in his way is pretty much toast. In-credible. And evil. And fabulous. I kept seeing this promoted as “Season 1,” but of course…that’s all she wrote. The set comes with a crapload of interviews with cast and crew, commentaries from the creators and Pasdar, and four episodes that never were seen because the fools yanked it from the air too soon. This streets next week.

Then there’s Roseanne. I never watched this show when it originally aired. Because I find the woman herself unbelievably annoying and unfunny. And, you know, I hardly ever watch TV anyway. But then I watched some while walking past a TV and I realized that the show was actually funny. Not to mention what I already knew, and that’s that John Goodman is a freaking genius. Anyway, this set gives you four discs with all twenty-three first season episodes on them, plus bloopers, interviews with Roseanne and Goodman, a highlight reel, and more. This streets 8/30.

Lastly, there’s 3rd Rock, which was a very, very silly show. Not only did it make us happy because it brought Jane Curtin back to television but it also gave John “Would you like me to play evil or goofy or evilgoofy?” Lithgow a chance to go berserk. And it gave us the funny French Stewart, who went on to make us very sad by starring in films like Love Stinks. Anyway, this boxed set has all twenty first season episodes, plus a blooper reel, behind the scenes stuff, interviews with everybody and his brother Bob, and more. Some versions of the set come with a voice chip that spouts Lithgow at you. So…bonus. This streeted 7/26.

Preorder Profit.
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