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This Just In: Spawn Regenerated

When I tell you that the reason this line from the McFarlane’s Spawn toys is called “Regenerated”–namely that it’s remixes of previously released figures–your first assumption is that this is an attempt at double dipping. Slap another paint job on something and call it good. Easy enough to do, right? Well, first up–one of these figures was originally released in 1994, for God’s sake. And the versions we have today are hellaciously different than before. New and improved, you might and should say.

First up, going left to right up there, let’s take a look at Cyber Spawn, which has the spirit of the original, but that’s about it. The spirit is what’s important, though, because it’s basically like a mecha/Transformer enthusiast’s wicked wet dream. Spikes, metal, shiny bits and a metallic claw for a right hand that looks like something you’d use in one of those arcade crane games–if you were trying to, you know, pick up and drop a live and pissed off puma down the chute. Your mileage at getting it to reflect light to the extent in the photo shown above may vary.

Secondly, there’s Mandarin Spawn. This is probably one of my two favorites in the line–the other one will be patently obvious, so hang on. This guy comes with some of the most detailed and ornate armor I’ve seen on a figure. Maybe you’ve seen better–I dunno. I don’t get out much. Apart from having that anime-tinged wicked armor with much in the way of sculpt mayhem the mask is improved from the last go round and he’s got a giant blade with enough points on it to look like a can opener for the aforementioned Cyber Spawn. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a giant fuck-off tusk sticking up from his right shoulder.

Third for this row, we’ve got Lotus Warrior Angel. The most obvious difference between this version and the previous one is that she’s tripled her arm count. Now she’s got six arms, and instead of just a pair of blades, there’s a spinning bladed thing as well (and yes, my first thought was Krull too, you’re okay). There’s also a nasty sword with a serrated back to it. Plus she has that wicked death’s head business you can see part of in the photo there, designed to be held up with her highest two hands.

Okay, here we go, left to right once more. The new iteration of Commando Spawn is a huge departure from the original. If you go look (which I urge you to do), you’ve got a fairly goofy looking Spawn carrying guns that would make even Rob Liefeld weep. I must say, it’s ten years back for the original, but that’s gotta be the worst figure I’ve ever seen McFarlane produce. Just goofball. They redeem themselves with this new version. While he is still armed like Cable on a good day, it’s with a lot of slick weapons, like a bazooka, some kind of crazed handgun, a giant-caliber cannon that Roadblock would envy, and some kind of hybrid thing with three barrels and a clip sticking out into the etrick. It’s nuts. He’s also got another pistol attacked to one calf and a knife on the other. Infrared goggles (we assume–they could be HellVision 3-D for all we know), ridiculous amounts of ammunition, and, most puzzlingly, the rockets for the bazooka (maybe it’s a LAW instead, come to think of it) appear to be duct-taped to his wrists. Whatever. At least the guns don’t have their own zip codes this time.

The Grave Digger’s next, again a completely different figure this time. He actually has part of a face this go round, looking more Cenobitish than a cross between a post-autopsy mummy. His shovel this time is still as lethal looking, though it lacks the blade portion. Instead of the critter on his back and a lantern he comes with a different base with a tombstone and some lovely arms sticking out of the ground. Nice.

Oh and let’s see: why would Zombie Spawn be another favorite? Because it’s a freaking zombie of course, for which I have a massive weakness. I like this version better than the GWAR refugee we had last time. Skull-like face, mottled grey-blue with red splotches skin, a cape that looks like decayed organic material and a freaking huge scythe? Again, what’s not to like?

It looks like these are hitting Amazon on November 5th, so pre-order now. Check out McFarlane’s Spawn Regenerated info online if you want to know more.

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