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This Just In: Lost in the Dark Press

These two books are brought to you by the fine folks at Lost in the Dark Press. Their first series, Video, concerns itself with what happens after the Second Coming, when the Rapture is about to start up full force. Now, it’s all choirs of angels and exultation and relief that the prophecies are coming true, right? Bullshit. Imagine the return of Jesus being handled like an alien invasion. The ultimate disruption to civilization (and possibly its end), with a small group of friends stuck in a huge city trying to figure out, “Well, shit, now what?” If you made Left Behind actually worth reading and then crossed it with a decent bottle of vodka, you’d have this book. The complete series, all five issues, is available at their store now. Check out here for some preview pages.

Their followup is Fragile Prophet, a story of two brothers. The older brother, Esau, is trying to the best he can by his younger brother, Jake, complicated by the fact that Jake has Fragile X Syndrome, a form of mental retardation. Further complicating things is the fact that Jake can see the future. As in all of it. And we mean all of it. The first issue’s the only one out thus far, but suffice to say it’s got us intrigued. You can check out a nine-page preview of the book here and of course, check out their store to snag a copy.