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The Friday Timesuck

What was there to talk about in the last week? How about real-life zombie goodness and online zombie goodness. There’s FPS action on a calculator. The Amazing Randi puts his encyclopedia online. Punch cards as an MP3 storage device…which the MPAA would endorse, actually…it would bring file sharing to its ankles.

We’ve got love for good comics: Dead West and stuff from Lost in the Dark Press. The coming shoggoth invasion. Sony probably owes you money. Cute physics chick breaks boards. The ultimate party conversation piece. Dindrane shared the latest wild archaeology fun and Scott gives the headsup on Doctor Who radio.

On Red Nose, there’s the Animal House/Star Wars video mashup, the twisted Elephant Larry short “International Date Line”, and software we dearly wish was real.

And lastly, two more microfictions are announced over on One Tusk.

That’s it. Hopefully we wrecked a few hours for you. You’re welcome.

Image found at Chronicle of a Medical Madhouse.