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This Just In: Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

And so today we’ve got two versions of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down from Novalogic, taking you and putting you in the middle of the 1993 conflict in Somalia. What both versions have going for them is sixteen single player missions developed with the aid of former spec ops soldiers, multiplayer battles out the yin yang, cooperative play using split screens for up to four people, AI teammates that can recognize your voice commands, craploads of weapons that you can change-up during play and sweet in-play graphics.

The PlayStation 2 version plays across your broadband to let you involve up to 32 players. The Xbox version will allow up to 50 players. Egad. Badass military gameplay that involves you and everybody in your neighborhood too. Gotta like it.

For more info, check out the game’s official site.

Buy the PS2 version from Amazon.
Buy the Xbox version from Amazon.