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Up, Up and Away-yay…

Here is what we think of as practical, real world geekery.

On a warm summerday, with 50 euro worth of helium in three balloons, me, Hans-Peter and Martijn went to the vondelpark to try something I had been contemplating for a while: aerial photography using digital cameras.

The things I can honestly say I’ve contemplated for a while are: chili so destructive it is a crime in the eyes of God and man, what to do in case of a zombie outbreak, and how to make my own caffeinated water. So I respect anybody who says: screw this contemplation nonsense, let’s go to the park and do that thing.

Anyway, yes, they strung a 3.1 megapixel camera up to some balloons and filmed a couple movies of the experience. Ah, delicious vertigo. Found via Hackaday.