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The 2Q Amazon Report

It’s time again to pull back the curtain and take a mildly amusing look as to what you people are buying through the site on Amazon. And Amazingly, unlike last time (and lots of times before that) Richard Simmons drops to a distant second. A tremendous upset that Richard has suffered at the hands of…

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Monty Python. I’m pleased to see so many of you took advantage of that $40 Python sale we pointed out to you. Because really, for $40–that was nuts. And as a result, Python takes the lead. (That being said, the 16-Ton Megaset is still 42% off even as we speak, which makes around $42 off. Handy. That puts it at $58.)

Coming in third place is various flavors of classic Doctor Who, which only makes sense as the BBC Home Video releases for those are pretty sweet.

Fourth, we’ve got people buying Fruits Basket, though not the DVDs but the books. Some volumes had multiple buyers, so I assume some of you are just filling out your collections, so rock on. Dindrane will be pleased with your efforts.

And lastly, in fifth place, we have people grabbing various and sundry Friends DVDs. Including one person who snagged the Complete Series, so bless you for that.

As always, some people bought my books through the site and I’m very grateful for that.

Although the two most interesting purchases were The Big Penis Book (don’t click through unless you’d like to see what looks like a banana in some briefs) and a black clip-on police issue necktie. If both items were purchased by the same person, please see Scott immediately.

Thanks for doing your shopping through us, everyone. It helps more than you know.