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Fyxx Hybrid Energy Water – Drink Review

Fyxx Hybrid Energy Water

There’s a problem when it comes to reviewing caffeinated water. Not a problem with the water, mind you, but just a problem reviewing it. Because it’s not going to be a very long review. The questions are 1) does it caffeinate and B) does it taste like water?

Okay, so…yes and yes! Thank you, Detroit! Good night!

Oh hell, you’re still here. Fine, I’ll expound. There’s a problem when shoving caffeine into things. Because caffeine has a taste. And speaking from the point of view of someone who has tasted more than most small nation-states have–it’s not a pleasant taste. Granted, when it’s four in the morning and you still have four more hours of driving, you don’t really care. And that’s how you can convince yourself to eat an XTZ 250mg-packed monstro-choco-mint. So you have to find the right balance of taste and caffeine. And here, Fyxx has set themselves up because the bloody bottle says quite clearly: TASTES LIKE WATER. And it does. They’ve managed to take 110mg of caffeine and get the right sort of spring water where you taste spring water and not caffeine. 110mg of caffeine in 20 ounces of water. Not too shabby.

Now that’s not to say there’s no taste at all, but it’s like how most water comes with some taste in there. It’s certainly not off-putting and it’s certainly not the taste of caffeine. So that’s what really matters. And with that much caffeine, it will be enough to buzz most people and was enough to at least prop my eyelids open a bit–which for me is saying something.

If you’re looking for caffeinated water and you don’t want to make it yourself or you just need a grab and go solution then Fyxx will do you up properly. They’re right in that sometimes you just don’t want all of the sugar and high fructose stuff that comes with a lot of energy drinks–and when that’s the case, Fyxx will fill the gap.

Buy it from them here.

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