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Stuff: AMG is Coming Right At You… Yes, You There on the Couch

3-D audience

  • Amazon has the upcoming 2-Blu-Ray/1 DVD combo of Snow White (which we had previously mentioned) available for pre-order. You can pre-order that here or the straight-up 2-DVD version here. They’re out October 6th and November 24th respectively. Also, Spaceballs hits Blu-Ray on June 16th. You can pre-order yours here.
  • AMG wants to be the first 3-D network. The gist of what you need to know is that AMG TV is being bought and the folks behind it want to build up enough of a library that they can have “the first full-time 3-D network in the country.” How do you get the tech to have 3-D at home, so we can watch cool shit like Coraline and Monsters vs. Aliens and such? “two solutions: an add-on box for cable and satellite subscribers; and an ‘enhancement’ that will turn any HD television into a 3-D TV for about $50, including the cost of glasses.” Ah, but the coolness is tempered: they call it a 5 on a scale of 1-10 for quality, but it beats what we have right now for home options. Man, the 3-D sci-fi and horror festivals alone might be worth the price of admission for that thing, I don’t know about you guys… Source.
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  • Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons died last week at age 61. If you haven’t yet read Doc’s post on the topic, then you should. As Minister of Gaming, he covers it better than I could.
  • Damn, I’d love to see this: Bob Balaban, Brian Cox and Jeff Perry are starring in a production of Art, starting today, at L.A. Theatre Works. But fear not, it’s running through the 19th but then getting recorded for broadcast on “The Play’s the Thing,” the LATW org’s syndicated radio theatre series. So that’s something. If you’re in L.A., though, and want to catch it live: go for it. Source.
  • Richard Dawkins’ website just pointed out that Jonathan Miller’s The Atheism Tapes is available on DVD. I had no idea. This is the companion series with expanded interviews from what Miller featured in his A Brief History of Disbelief, which is fantastic. I wish they had Brief History available on DVD (they appear not to have it in the UK either) or sold in a set with this but this will do. You can get it from Amazon here.
  • I could have sworn I had already mentioned Clash of the Titans, the remake, but maybe not. Maybe I just figured you didn’t need to know about it. However, Warner Brothers is making it increasingly harder to avoid knowing about this damn thing, seeing as how Liam Neeson is on board to play Zeus, and Sam Worthington is Perseus. Ralph Fiennes could be Hades. (Does anybody know how Fiennes suddenly became the go-to guy for villains?) Fiennes, the article says, could win up in the aforementioned Ricky Gervais project, The Men at the Pru, or as it got renamed, Cemetery Junction. Fiennes will also have a cameo in the Nanny McPhee sequel, which is something to look forward to as the first film was quite charming. Once he finishes up being Voldemort, Fiennes will direct a feature version of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Whew. Busy guy.
  • Green Lantern: First Flight, the animated DVD, is hitting July 21st on both Blu-Ray and DVD. No pre-order available yet–I’ll keep you posted. Christopher Meloni is playing Hal Jordan. You’ve also got Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer and Michael Madsen in the cast as well.
  • Law & Order SVU has been renewed for an 11th season, although Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni don’t have deals yet. I expect they’ll figure something out, though. Or if not, maybe they can write them out by having the characters inexplicably commit suicide. That seems to be the out of choice, yes? Source.
  • Piranha remake? In 3-D, even? Apparently so. Alexandre Aja (High Tension) is directing with Elisabeth Shue on board as the town sheriff. Production starts in May for a March 2010 release. So if you go watch it in IMAX, you can pretend you’re sitting through Wes Craven’s Blue Planet. Or something. Source.
  • As we mentioned a few months back (and told you it was happening even before the confirmation), Pirates 4 is happening but without Gore Verbinski. Having helped to completely strand the franchise on a sandbar with its mediocre second film and its headscratching crapfest third film, he’s moving onto other projects and things to ruin. The article wonders how this will affect the schedule, since it’s supposed to start production next year with Depp returning. Answer: not one iota. Now Bruckheimer and Disney can go find somebody who’s either not as big a name and get them cheaper than they would have had to shell out for Gore or they can grab somebody who was 1st AD or something on the first trilogy and get them for dirt cheap. You can’t tell me somebody wouldn’t want to come on board this sequel.

  • EW is reporting that Sarah Connor is pretty much canceled. Which makes no sense to me, since you’ve got a bigass movie in the same mythos about to open…is the show that bad off where not even that can save it?
  • Shadow of the Colossus is coming to the big screen via Sony. Justin Marks is set to scribe, and the article explains that his name has been attached to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo (did you catch that ready-to-be-a-franchise naming convention? good for you), the aforementioned Suicide Squad, that Green Arrow Supermax WTF were they thinking script, the He-Man movie, Hack/Slash, and Voltron. Source.