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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #19

Mighty Mouse, The Beverly Hillbillies, &
The Changeling!

Today we start off with a classic 1948 Mighty Mouse cartoon: “The Witch’s Cat.” All the mice want to do is celebrate Halloween…but when a cat shows up, they need their super-powered champion to save their tails. Found via Rare Halloween Videos.

From the first season (in 1962), here’s a Halloween episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. Because it’s amazing how sociable the residents of Beverly Hills can be when you show up on Halloween in such an authentic-looking hillbilly outfit.

For tonight’s feature, oh I was so excited to see this was available to share here. It’s George C. Scott in The Changeling from 1980. Having just suffered a tragedy, Scott plays a composer who rents an old massive house in order to get some solitude to work and get his life back together. However, there’s something in the house that wants to get his attention and needs his help. Fantastic haunted house flick. Enjoy.