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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #9

2000 Plus, Tales of Tomorrow, &
The Shape of Things to Come!

There hasn’t been any real sci-fi this year yet, and Halloween is the home of horror, but also science fiction, both cheesy and dairy-free. First things first, we go into the realm of old-time radio with “The Green Thing,” an episode of 2000 Plus from 1950.

Next, from radio to live television. The show Tales of Tomorrow was an attempt to do science fiction for grownups, airing from 1951 to 1953.

And for today’s feature film, we go the 1979 The Shape of Things to Come, based on the title of the book by H.G. Wells. I say “based on the title” because that’s the main thing they took from the book. Nowadays we can look back and see quite clearly that this was just another attempt to cash-in on the “discovery” of science fiction thanks to Star Wars and the like. We couldn’t see this clearly at the time, because we were at the age where we just wanted more spaceships and robots. We still want that, but we want other things to. Such things come with age. Enjoy.