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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #10

Halloween With The Addams Family,
The Headless Horseman, and Blacker Than the Night!

I know we’ve posted this trailer before, but I shared it with someone on Facebook earlier…and it truly is the greatest Japanese movie trailer ever. The film is House, or as it’s pronounced in the trailer: “HOUSE!”

Next, we head back to 1964 for the holiday, as it can only be experienced with the Addams Family. This is posted by MGM and it says “Full Episode” but the titles and theme song are missing? Weird rights issue? Dunno.

Now let’s head back even further to a version of the Headless Horseman I don’t believe we’ve posted here before. It’s the Ub Iwerks version from 1934. Iwerks co-created Mickey Mouse.

Last but not least: we head to Mexico for 1975’s Más Negro que la Noche (Blacker Than Night or Blacker Than the Night). It’s about death, a cat, and betrayal. Like most things. Make sure you’ve got your English subtitles on for this one. They’re not perfect, but they will get you through. Enjoy.