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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #13

A Disney Halloween
The Lucy Show, & Dominique!

Here’s a completely out of print Disney Halloween special from 1983. It’s primarily existing Disney bits spliced together to form a holiday medley, if you will. But for nostalgia’s sake, I’m glad it’s online.

Now here’s something interesting: I went to see if there was an I Love Lucy Halloween episode. There was not. However, her later show, The Lucy Show, had a third season episode called “Lucy and the Monsters.” In it, she meets Count Dracula. Also appearing in this episode? Get this: cinema archivist Bob Burns as the werewolf, Sid Haig (!) as the mummy, and George Barrows (the Robot Monster himself!) as the gorilla. That’s just nuts.

For tonight’s feature, we remain in the 1970s for Dominique from 1979. Cliff Robertson stars as a husband who wants to get at his wife’s money, so he plans to make her crazy enough to kill herself. But no plan survives contact with the enemy…especially if the enemy is a pissed-off ghost.

Also in the film, you’ll see a who’s who of British acting: Jean Simmons (Spartacus), Jenny Agutter (An American Werewolf in London), Simon Ward (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed), Ron Moody (Oliver!), Judy Geeson (The Lords of Salem), Michael Jayston (Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord), Flora Robson (The Beast in the Cellar), David Tomlinson (yes, he of Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks), Jack Warner (The Ladykillers)…anyway, the list is ridiculous. Enjoy.