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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #12

Hollywood Squares,
The World of Vincent Price, &

Okay, taking a moment to share this because it’s just such a great idea. Taking the idea of a charcuterie board and using Halloween candy instead. One day after the apocalypse when I can host parties again, this is happening.

Now onto today’s shenanigans. Apparently, I stumbled into a Vincent Price rabbit hole, because I came across a “greatest hits” of his appearances on Hollywood Squares. If I had been playing the game, I’d have called on him straightaway, whether grabbing that square would be helpful to me or not.

Next up, this is apparently an unaired pilot that Price made for a travel program called The World of Vincent Price. I’m guessing it didn’t get picked up because the title made people think it was going to be something else entirely and most people probably weren’t interested in seeing him wander around the world seeing cool stuff. I mean…you and I would be, sure, but we are definitely not most people. Sadly, today, some channel would absolutely snap this up. Hell, pull a Travel Man and partner Price with some other actor and they zip off somewhere for a weekend to check out the sights.

Vincent Price was a lover of fine art and we’ve talked about his cookbook before. So he had a ton of interests that didn’t nearly get enough play back in the day. If you check this out, be forewarned…it is very 1977. In so many ways.

And now, last but not least, we’ve got Madhouse from 1974, featuring Price in one of his many famous make-ups: Doctor Death! Also Peter Cushing is on this ride, as well as Michael Parkinson making an appearance as, well, a television interviewer. Enjoy.