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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 22: Fun With Peter Cushing!

Peter Cushing
Day 22 has traditionally been a day for hanging out with Peter Cushing, so we have two brief snippets for you to kick things off. First up is footage from what purports to be the final meeting between Cushing and Christopher Lee. And after a while, you just wish the people taking photos would shut the hell up and let the two gents get back to telling anecdotes and laughing their asses off–because it’s obvious they’re having a blast. And then after that, we have some apparently silent footage from British Pathe…this is of Cushing on the set of 1966’s Frankenstein Created Woman. Yes, it might seem a bit tame, but fiends like myself should find interesting to see Cushing mark up his script and will probably also wish there was audio. “I’m supposed to be doing what exactly in this tank of green liquid?” Enjoy.

A Blu-Ray of Frankenstein Created Woman was released earlier this year. And other Cushing stuff can be found on Amazon here