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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 2: Donovan’s Brain! (Twice!)

Donovans Brain 1953

Curt Siodmak–who has a ton of writing credits, including The Wolf Man, Creature With the Atom Brain and a story credit on House of Frankenstein–was also a novelist, having Donovan’s Brain published in 1942. Tonight’s feature film is the second of three adaptations of the novel and the one that shares its title (the other two are 1944’s The Lady and the Monster and 1962’s The Brain). Felix E. Feist, who only sounds like a DC Comics villain, directed and co-wrote this, which stars Nancy Davis. You might not know her by that name, but she married a guy named Ronald and was later First Lady of the United States. So.

Then after that, we drop back a bit to 1944 for a special episode of the old-time radio series Suspense, which brings you a version of the story starring Orson Welles.


Art from Wrong Side of the Art. The film is also available for free from Amazon Prime Video and appears to be still in print on DVD but available for as little as $4 used. And the original novel (and its sequel) are available for as little as a penny. Damn.

And Suspense is apparently available as a download from Amazon. Fantastic.