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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 8: Vincent Price Speaks!

Vincent Price with gun
Vincent Price with gun

We’ve previously posted both the 1927 feature film version of The Lodger and the Peter Lorre radio adaptation from Mystery in the Air. Now it’s time for the version from 1946’s Hollywood Star Time starring Vincent Price–equally awesome stuff here. In addition, we have a truly fantastic interview with Price from 1972 centered around old-time radio.

Next, let’s sample Price’s spoken word album A Hornbook For Witches and the track “How to See Ghosts or Surely Bring Them to You.” This is truly a fine example of what Rox would term as “speaking with conviction.” Because I certainly do not believe in ghosts but he’s making a damn good case as far as I’m concerned.  Hornbook is available as an MP3 download for just $6.99.

And speaking of Rox, who read for us a Baba Yaga adventure previously, here for her (because it was just her birthday) is Price reading “Baba Yaga.” And this album, A Coven of Witches’ Tales, is quite out of print.