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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 15: The Ghost Train (1941)

Ghost Train (1941)

Rox has been panning for gold in the film archives and comes up with tonight’s pick. Starring the comedy double act of Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch, the 1941 film, The Ghost Train, was based on the highly popular play from 1923 by Arnold Ridley. I say “highly popular” because at least six filmed adaptations of the play occurred before this one. Askey and Murdoch starred in Band Waggon, “the first comedy show to be designed specifically for radio” (says Wikipedia, which is always right). The series became a film starring Askey and Murdoch, and their third film together was this one–propaganda’ed up for being made in the midst of World War II.

To compare this to a different version, afterwards you’ll find a later radio adaptation for the BBC from 2008. Because we can. Enjoy.


The film is available for free streaming from Amazon Prime and is also available on DVD. And if you’re interested in catching some Band Waggon, a CD of bits from the show was released in 2006–also available as an MP3 download.