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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 6: Karloff’s More Tales of the Frightened

Boris Karloff: Tales of the Frightened

On Day 6 waaay back in 2011, we posted a couple of entries from Boris Karloff’s audio never-quite-made-it-to-radio series Tales of the Frightened. I had bitched at the time that these stories were out of print and the vinyl editions would set you back $75. The excellent news is that since then, they’ve been released on both CD and MP3–you can find them here.

The beauty of this series is that Karloff brings the same bemused air that he did to his reading of Kipling’s “Just So Stories,” but it’s just a few shades more macabre. He doesn’t turn the Sinister Rheostat up to eleven…because he doesn’t have to. He’s Boris Karloff. Love it.

Our selections for this go-round are “Just Inside the Cemetery” and “The Vampire Sleeps.”

Now we just need to get the actual book of these re-released. Although getting a copy of that is a lot less dear than the vinyl was previously…used versions of the paperback can be had for as little as a penny.