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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 6: Karloff’s Tales of the Frightened

Boris Karloff: Tales of the Frightened

So Day 6 of 32 Days of Halloween has always been a day for Mr. Boris Karloff, your friend and mine. This year we’re sticking with the audio, like last year (we had his “Peter and the Wolf”). In this case we’re talking about two albums released in 1963: two volumes worth of Tales of the Frightened. I was trying to find out where exactly these came from and Digital Meltd0wn had the scoop: a radio feature called “The Frightened” tried to get going and didn’t. The original recordings are lost and if any of them ever saw broadcast, nobody’s certain. There was a magazine and later a paperback collection of the short stories, which in the audio version were read by Karloff. And then the audio hit vinyl and the rest is history.

We’ve posted here a selection from both volumes of the series. “The Man in the Raincoat” and “The Ladder.” (Update: “Ladder” has been taken down, alas. –Nope, now it’s back!)

Both albums are collectors items–Amazon has them listed for about $75 each. Why they don’t get released in a CD collector’s edition I have no idea. I know I’d buy one. You?

Previously we also had Karloff on This is Your Life and we’ve had Karloff singing. Before we made Karloff the theme of the day, we had given you the trailer to Slugs.

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