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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 6: This is Boris Karloff’s Life

Boris Karloff: This is Your Life

So last year we had some Karloff to take you into Day 6 of 32 Days of Halloween. Karloff sang and also was on the Dinah Shore show. Keeping with that Karloff tradition, here’s the episode of This Is Your Life where he was featured. It’s about a half-hour, but if you can’t watch the whole thing, at least hang out to see the surprise at the beginning. For those young folks, i.e. people not as close to death as me, the subject of an episode of Life would be surprised that they were the subject. So seeing Karloff’s reaction is priceless.

And a bonus bit now, just because we can…This is a small cameo Karloff had in the 1934 film Gift of Gab. Pay close attention to the other cameo that happens when they open the closet.

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