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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 13: Monster on the Campus!

Monster on the Campus

You need to see the opening of this one, so I haven’t skipped to the meat of this video. It’s Boris Karloff on I’ve Got a Secret and his opening for the show is short but excellent. Once you’ve watched that, unless you want to view the whole thing, you can skip to around 21:40 to get to Karloff’s segment. Please excuse the weird framing.

Next, tonight’s feature: Monster on the Campus. So science works like this, apparently: get bitten by an irradiated spider and you gain spider-like powers. Come into contact with irradiated coelacanth blood and you turn into a caveman. And not even a super-hero caveman like Captain Caveman. I’m not sure why when our “hero” turns into a caveman the caveman automatically wants to kill people, but that’s why cavemen aren’t still around today: too anti-social.

The film is directed by Jack Arnold (Creature From the Black Lagoon) from a script by David Duncan (The Time Machine). The cast includes Arthur Franz (Invaders From Mars), Joanna Cook Moore (Touch of Evil), Nancy Walters (Blue Hawaii), Troy Donahue (The Monolith Monsters) and Whit Bissell (I Was a Teenage Frankenstein).