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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 14: The Man They Could Not Hang!

Man They Could Not Hang

It’s Friday the 13th and yes, we could go for the old hockey mask routine…but that would be too obvious. Instead, we start off with a double feature of absolute classic SCTV bits. Count Floyd is here to introduce a pair of Dr. Tongue’s horror classics. The quality’s not great, but I’m sure the Count would understand. Get your 3D glasses ready, kids.

Boris Karloff stars as Dr. Savaard in The Man They Could Not Hang from 1939. He’s got a line on how to bring the dead back to life…but the police burst in and arrest him for murder before he can…well…un-murder the volunteer for his experiment. Not to bring up any spoilers or anything but the title isn’t really accurate: they do hang him. It just doesn’t…stick, so to speak. And when the doc comes back there’s going to be hell to pay.