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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 15: Terror is a Man!

Terror is a Man

For Day 15 of our celebration, we start off with an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents with an ending that was considered so freaky at the time, it was never shown. Shows with episodes you can syndicate, though, are as good as gold, so of course it eventually found the light of day. It’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

Then we have James Rommel the Desert Mason giving you a reading of “Silence” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Now for tonight’s feature presentation, we travel back to 1959. This is Terror is a Man, a horror film shot in Manila. It was known stateside as Blood Creature, which is a terribly bland name for a film that is very Moreau-esque. Panthers and humans shouldn’t be spliced together…I guess that’s the moral. That and if you find yourself on an island called Blood Island then GTFO. Enjoy.