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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 26: Fangs of the Living Dead!

Fangs of the Living Dead aka Malenka

Let’s make a stop back on the Swedish/American show known as 13 Demon Street, which we’ve mentioned to you before. And I’ll point you there to get the back story on just WTF this is, exactly. Because it can be confusing. Just know that, indeed, that is Lon Chaney Jr. as your somewhat host.

And now, here’s some fun. The Elgin Hour was a live hour-long show and our episode comes from 1955. It’s called “Sting of Death” and stars Boris Karloff, who discovers that the bees in his neck of the woods are becoming unfriendlier by the minute… If you don’t have the time to watch the entire episode, at least watch the opening. No pun intended…you’ll see.

For tonight’s feature, it’s 1969 and Amando de Ossorio’s Fangs of the Living Dead. Well, kind of. That’s the English language title, which is lame…but the Italian title translates as “Malenka, the Vampire’s Niece.” Also lame. Ossorio is the man who would start his Blind Dead series right after this film. This English language version has a different ending from the original, so if it makes little to no sense, well, that’s why. Enjoy!